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Heart Centred Minds is led by Rossy Champion, a trauma informed holistic counsellor, experienced social worker and mindful educator who connects through compassion, delivering evidence based wellbeing tools to build resilience, strength, and contentment for her clients.


Women - Parents - Children - Youth - Community


Counselling - Mindfulness - Meditation Teacher - Workshops - Group & individual Programs - iRest® Yoga Nidra - Compassionate Integrity Training(CIT)™ 


Rossy's belief and lived experience is that a heart centred life and future is possible, no matter your past, and despite the present. She is here to teach, mentor, heal and gently drive powerful inner change for parents , women and children. 

Rossy believes that hope comes in many forms and that having Hope is a vital ingredient to living a life that is fulfilling, bold, vivid and fragrant. 

Hope in action inspires she sais and inspiring hope changes lives. 

She is here to inspire and nurture Hope and Compassion.

Rossy Champion

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compassion . flow . love . dignity . hope . freedom . ease . wellness . strength

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