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I aim to provide a variety of positive psychology, mindfulness and mindful based compassion related resources for your reading and learning pleasure, covering a broad range of subjects in the field. This section is a work in progress. For phsyical products and digital downloads please pop over to the shop to see what we have for you.

Free resources are added periodically.

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The Neuroscience of Mindfulness.


A 3 minute video on children who have attended mindfulness classes and their understanding of emotions & their brain.

_Parenting with Compassion.png

A must watch 2 min clip on Self Compassion for parents.

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A simple mindful breathing excersize for adults and children  of all ages to assist with emotional regulation. 

Remember to always implement these exersizes first when you or your child are feeling calm and safe.

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A simple mindful excersize for adults and children  of all ages, using the senses to help bring the mind into the present moment. This can help to self regulate emotions and reduce feelings of overwhelm and/or anxiety.


Jennifer Kolari, child and family therapist and author of "Connected Parenting: How to Raise a Great Kid," describes in this 1.5 hour long teaching how to practise her CALM technique utilising neuroscience and how it can impact the part of the brain responsible for a child's behaviour. 

*trigger warning* - contains some sensitive content

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