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Learning and Growing

Learning how to pause throughout the day can help us notice the instinctual unconscious patterns we live by and provide insight into how we can reconnect authentically to ourself, our loved ones and those around us.


Parenting is an emotional journey and raising a family is anything but simple. In parenting our children, often we end up re-parenting ourselves. We can love our kids to the moon and beyond but that love alone is not enough to raise emotionally intelligent, well-adjusted kids. 


Teaching our children in simple everyday language to understand the neurobiology of their responses and how to live being more present and in turn connect compassionately with themselves, their peers and community is an invaluable tool.


There has been much research and evidence to show how practicing mindfulness reduces worry and anxiety in our children and helps them build resilience and a general sense of ease and wellbeing. I believe that processes such as awareness, attention, emotion regulation, compassion, a growth mindset, and positivity are trainable life skills and research backs this.

Parenting Intentions

You might be here because you want to parent differently than your own parents, or you want to fine-tune and sharpen your parenting skills. Perhaps you already know a little about mindfulness but want to become more mindful in your everyday life and teach your children these skills. You might want to find more joy in your parenting and find the space to respond rather than react.

We all start our parenting journey with the very best of intentions and dreams but it doesn’t always work out the way we intended.

Life pushes and pulls us off track, we face challenges, lose our cool, say and do things that we regret and feel guilty for afterward. Understanding that our brain operates on default under pressure is vital and how we draw on our own emotional history during these times can help us adjust those feelings of shame.

Applying liberal doses of self-compassion and finding that space between reacting and responding is such a gift.


​I love supporting women to live empowered authentic lives.  As a mother of four children I hold a special place in my heart for mothers of neurodiverse children. I know from personal experience how tough this terrain can be and offer you my hand to hold while you walk this path.

I have deep empathy and great respect for women who have experienced family & domestic violence, childhood abuse & trauma.

I offer a safe and gentle space for women who would like me to walk alongside them out of the shadows and into the light.

I have both personal lived experience in these areas and my professional training and capacity.

I believe wholeheartedly in community and connection and understand how these are vital for us all to thrive. I am passionate about delivering from a trauma-informed perspective and am accredited in all the courses I offer and love how they offer tools to help us build that connection first with ourselves, our values, our families and how in turn this will facilitate a warmer more inclusive community in the future.

I am so excited to have you here.

Together we are stronger.

Together we can make a difference.

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