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Services for Children and Youth


I offer individual holistic counselling in Sydney to help, support and educate children, youth & teens to manage stress & anxiety, sit with difficult feelings without feeling overwhelmed. Children learn simple techniques to boost their self esteem and manage their emotions using positive psychology & mindful based strategies.


Research shows that children who engage in a regular mindful practice experience improvements in self-esteem, resilience, confidence, emotional awareness, self-awareness, stress reduction and emotional intelligence.

It also improves sleep, increases concentration, behaviour and improves mental health and well being. 

Mindfulness has a positive impact on behaviour and can help children who have experienced bullying. 


I offer children unconditional positive regard and my unwavering belief in each of them as their own unique and wonderful individuals. I aim to engage, support, encourage and challenge them to live from their heart, to identify, connect & build on their strengths and be the best version of themselves in every area of their lives.

I believe this starts with having a compassionate relationship with themselves first.

Limited spaces available after school hours on weekdays. (I usually book a term in advance.)

Monday to Friday start at *$130. per hour/session.

Saturday and Sunday are available on request subject to availability.

(All bookings must be paid in advance, long term fixed bookings may attract a reduced fee depending on location). *Please note extra travel costs may incur depending on your location. 


Both 1 to 1 counselling and group classes will incorporate age-appropriate education around neurobiology (how our brains work), positive psychology practices, mindfulness and growth mindset activities. Sessions may include, mindful movement, breathwork, craft activities, games and play-based learning. 

Workshops and school holiday sessions can be booked for your school, early childhood service, community centre, homeschooling group or privately for individual sessions. 

  • Holiday group workshops are priced according to the length of the workshop, material including art and craft and whether refreshments are provided. An average 2-hour  group workshop usually starts at $40 per child.

  • Community classes are priced according to the length, day & venue hire costs are factored in. 

Term bookings are preferred with discounts offered.


Home Visits

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