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Heartful based Mindfulness & Mentoring

I offer compassionate classes and individual counselling in Sydney to help, support and educate children, youth & teens to manage stress & anxiety, sit with difficult feelings without feeling overwhelmed and learn simple techniques to self regulate using positive psychology & mindful based strategies.

Research shows that children who engage in a regular mindful practice experience improvements in self-esteem, resilience, confidence, emotional awareness, self-awareness, stress reduction and emotional intelligence.

It also improves sleep, increases concentration, behaviour and improves mental health and well being. 

Mindfulness has a positive impact on behaviour and can help children dealing with bullying. 

I offer children unconditional positive regard and my unwavering belief in each of them as their own unique and wonderful individuals. I aim to engage, support, encourage and challenge them to live from their heart, to identify, connect & build on their strengths and be the best version of themselves in every area of their lives.

All kids classes encourage creativity, confidence and growth mindset principles, they will learn healthy habits and tools for life long well being. 

My intention and aim are for participants to leave my programs equipped with the skills and mindset to thrive. 

I believe this starts with having a compassionate relationship with themselves first, being fully seen and heard and connected in community. My intention is for my classes and workshops to be a part of this community where they feel safe, valued, heard, seen and celebrated. 

Workshops and school holiday sessions can be booked for your school, early childhood service, community centre, Homeschooling group or privately for individual sessions. 

Holiday group workshops are priced according to the length of the workshop, material including art and craft and whether refreshments are provided. An average 2-hour  group workshop usually starts at $40 per child.

Community classes are priced according to the length, day & venue hire costs are factored in. Term bookings are preferred with discounts offered.

Classes delivered in your home* individually are priced per hour starting at:

Limited spaces available during weekdays. I usually book a term in advance. Monday to Friday start at $140. per hour. Saturday and Sunday are available on request subject to availability.

(Booking a set of workshops over 6 weeks offers a discount however the booking must be paid in advance, further reductions available for longer fixed bookings) A report is available on request for clients who are self-funded NDIA recipients. *Please note extra travel costs may incur depending on your location. 

Both 1 to 1 counselling and group classes will incorporate age-appropriate education around neurobiology (how our brains work), positive psychology practices, mindfulness and growth mindset activities. Classes may include, mindful movement, breathwork, craft activities, fun games, play-based learning and elements from GoZEN where appropriate. 

I am licensed to deliver the Professional suite of programs from GoZEN including bonus content.

These include:

GoZen -Anxiety/Stress Relief Program.

GoStrengths -Well-being + Resilience Program

GoHackify -OCD Relief Program

GoToTheNow -Mindfulness Program


Mindful Adventures for School-aged children

A Happier, Healthier You

Children learn through play and fun vital skills to help them regulate big feelings while learning the importance of self-care and how to find their own calm centre.

Mindfulness helps your child to have better concentration, attention and listening skills, increased confidence, self-esteem and greater empathy for others.

Classes give children the chance to make new friends, encourage creative thinking & learn growth mindset & positive psychology tools that will set them up for life. These fun & interactive classes will teach your child to stay cool, calm & confident even in challenging situations.


Chilled out Champions

Here For You

These classes aim to equip your youth with a growth mindset, improve emotional intelligence and build self-esteem.  The programme will help enhance overall well being, build resilience, improve confidence and develop emotional literacy, equipping young people with the tools to manage their mood, emotion and behaviour in a positive way.

Mindfulness has been proven to enhance concentration, resiliency, mental health, reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep and give your young person the skills needed to navigate stressful situations including school, peer and academic pressure.

Workshops include: 

Age apropriate teaching on the brain & how that relates to them (neurobiology)

Growth Mindset Thinking Skills  

Visualisation & Self-talk -(including aspects on body image) 


Identifying feelings and understanding the connection between thoughts & feelings. 


Little Sunbeams for under 5 year olds

Available on request.

Little sunbeam classes help children develop positive self-talk and use growth mindset principles using interactive creative games, activities and play. They will learn valuable social skills and practice being kind and respectful to each other.

Children will learn to recognise and understand their emotions and enjoy age-appropriate moments of mindfulness without even knowing it's happening. The simple skills we will practice for emotional regulation will result in fewer tantrums, better relationships and happier contented children.

Sessions are approximately 30-40 minutes long. 

Heart Centred Kids Facebook page

Please like and follow this page to keep informed of classes and workshops. 

Special workshops for kids, teens and families will be announced for School Holidays to get the whole family out spending quality enjoyable time together all the while learning fabulous skills to combat the stress this fast-paced modern day life can sometimes bring. 

Classes are currently run in and around Sydney Northern Beaches, Hornsby, Wahroonga and The Upper North Shore area. Exact locations will be posted on the Facebook page so please like the page and follow to make sure you don't miss out.

Spread the word and invite your child's friends so they can have fun together and encourage each other to use their new found skills.​

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