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Mother and Child

Mindful Mums

As parents, we are often multitasking & stretched in so many directions. Many find themselves time poor and struggle to remember simple tasks, names and things that used to come easily. We find ourselves unable to clear our minds and unwind. And we find ourselves reacting to situations and people including our children in ways that are not always appropriate.

Research has shown that multitasking actually switches on our stress response. Living with constant stress and overwhelm affects so many areas of our life including our health and how we parent our children. 

Mindfulness improves our brain function and wellbeing. It increases our stress threshold and improves resilience, Increases positive thinking, feelings, and emotions & improves our working memory.

It allows us the space to respond rather than react. With practice, we are then able to learn to respond with compassion to our families, ourselves and our communities.

My classes are a  beautiful way to unwind and relax in the company and support of other mums.

They will help you integrate mindfulness into your daily life and parenting to help you slow down, enjoy the moments, create a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment and find calm amongst the chaos.

Reconnect with your beautiful self in a compassionate supportive and mindfully nurturing environment.

If you are a new mum and struggling with postpartum depression or need some extra TLC I am able to come to your home and deliver individual sessions with you. It's not uncommon for new mothers to feel overwhelmed as they adapt to the myriad of changes that becoming a mother requires. 

You might be struggling to come to terms with your birth experience, confused by all the well-meaning advice about babies & breastfeeding, nappies, and settling techniques, or just overwhelmed by the love and protective instincts you are feeling towards your baby. 

A mindful practice can really make a difference in this precious phase. Not only can it ease any stress, strain and overwhelm you may be feeling, it can also build your attachment, and build in greater joy and a sense of wellbeing your new baby brings.


Northern Beaches, Hornsby Heights and Upper North Shore

*Home visit prices available on request.

Prebooking 6 classes or more will receive a discount.

**Gift vouchers are available.

Relax with Rossy

The classes are a warm nurturing chance to unwind, connect with yourself compassionately and learn about simple strategies you can implement right away to calm the chaos and find peace in your parenting. Great for schools, mothers groups, P&C events, carer support groups and community building activities.

Mindfulness and Yoga has been proven to aid with mental health and a greater sense of wellbeing. It has so many proven benefits including lessening symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression and assists with insomnia, pain management & resilience.

Individual sessions and zoom sessions tailored to your needs available on request.

Don't wait until you are feeling overwhelmed. Get in contact with me today. 

Meditation Class
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