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My son practicing his swimming

Its School holidays and for the first time in many years, I am spending two weeks at home with my ten year old. I have always loved school holidays and the freedom it gives with no lunches to make or uniforms to iron, shoes to find at the last minute and homework to fret over after a long day at work.

This school holidays I began with extra determination to enjoy each moment savouring my son's childhood and determined to provide him with memories to buffer him through the last of the school year.

The first week of holidays has flown by and we are into our last week. We have spent many hours at the pool with my son finally overcoming his phobia of water and for the first time able to paddle for a short time without his flotation devices. It has been a huge personal triumph for him to want to swim and enjoy his time in the water after numerous swimming lessons and countless hours cajoling from me.

His constant shouts of 'watch me' have filled my heart with pride as he tries desperately to dive to the bottom of the shallow end of the pool. It was only a few short months ago he was still traumatised by the thought of getting his hair wet in the bath let alone submerge it by his own choice into a huge swimming pool filled with noise, stranger’s bodies and chemicals.

His perspective that the pool is a scary pla