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Wellness and Compassion

Inner Compass

I've been thinking about wellness and all that this encompasses. How do we find a place of wellness in our lives?

To me wellness is a place of relative rest. Its about not struggling with every choice and action I need to make. Its about being in a place where I am able to complete the actions needed in my life to thrive.

That place is a place of intentional choice and being mindful that I am constantly making steps to move towards my dreams and goals. And its about coming to that place through compassion.

Compassion with my past, present and future. Being compassionate about the why's in my life and the actions I have taken and continue to take.

Have a think about the why's in your life and sit with the feelings for a few moments.

Do you come back to the present feeling whole?

For me an indication of living in anything other than compassion is looking at the why's in my life and coming back to the present feeling 'less' than.

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