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The Xmas Countdown & A New Year!

I think Christmas is much more than one single day in the year.

I believe Xmas is about celebrating achievements including your own and taking time to unwind from the year’s trials and tribulations. I believe it’s about making time to gather together with those important to you and reconnecting with yourself, your values and dreams, and surrounding yourself with those who have championed you throughout the year, whoever they may be.

Straight after Xmas we are hit with a New Year which is ushered in seven days later.

The New Year brings with it a tradition to resolve to change. People anguish over setting new goals to accomplish whether personal or otherwise and often this brings judgement and negative self-talk over former goals that may have never seen the light of day.

I am curious about the significance of those seven days?

If you believe in a supernatural being who made the earth in seven days, I guess the time after Xmas could be a sacred time to dream and formulate the plan ready to launch fresh on New Year’s Day.

A New Year with a fresh new ‘You’ along with infinite possibilities!

If not perhaps “Romjul” [ROMyoolah] the Norwegian word for the very last week of the year and their traditions are more to your liking.

"Romjul" is so much more than a word, it’s a ritual and a mindset.

It’s a time to slow down and meditate. It’s time to reflect on all the year has bought and take long slow walks while resting at home in between surrounded by those you love. Its about nurturing yourself, head, heart and soul. To an outsider such as myself, it sounds like a time of reflection but also deep self-compassion.

In modern Norwegian 'rom' means "room" or "space", and although I can’t find the original meaning of the word, it fits the concept perfectly. It’s a concept I think I'm going to adopt as my own along with the knowledge that every day brings me the gift of a new set of infinite possibilities and a fresh new me.

Whatever your beliefs or favourite rituals are, make sure you take a deep breath and enjoy this holiday season mindfully. Allow yourself time to unburden from the year and reconnect with who you are and how you want to show up in this world.

Enjoy the space between Xmas and the New Year safe in the knowledge that everything will have a natural way of working itself out regardless of how much you may or may not worry about it.

And finally embrace the New year with a fresh sense of compassion for your beautiful self and all the ways you will bring your humanity, rich with its vibrant colour and hues, sunlight and shade to the world around you.

Wishing you all a Mindfully Merry Holiday Season filled with Love and Light.

Rossy xo

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