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Mindful Mondays

Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay

Planning for the week ahead, writing down your goals and prioritising your activities will help you stay focused and reduces stress.

It doesn't have to be long or complicated.

And it doesn't matter whether you write it on a list, in your journal, or on your computer.

Please don't forget to schedule in things to help you feel happy, loved, fulfilled, calm and centred this week.

I have written a 25-point list with a range of practical, strategic and heart centred activities.

Feel free to pick and choose some of the ideas that resonate with you from the list below.

  • I will name one thing I am grateful for each morning before I get out of bed.

  • I will take 1 minute to visualise my success every morning.

  • What are my top priorities for this week?

  • Write down the action steps that will help me get my priorities completed or even just started this week.

  • I will organize my days based on when I am most productive.

  • I will be kind to myself by scheduling similar tasks together.

  • Write down my 3 most important goals?

  • I will set a time frame for my goals this week.

  • How will I get closer to my dreams this week?

  • At lunchtime, I will stand up, stretch, walk outside and breath in deeply exhaling slowly while I release all the tension in my body. (repeat x 5)

  • Write myself a post it note and stick it to my fridge reminding myself how awesome I am.

  • Schedule time for myself each day.

  • Prep a healthy lunch for myself the night before.

  • Take 5 minutes in my car after work each day to be mindful.

  • As I brush my teeth each night, I will think of all the people who love me and try and recall all the unique things about each one of them.

  • Check in with myself daily/ weekly - (Did I live today/ this week aligned with my priorities.)

  • As I drink my morning tea cuppa, I will bring all my attention to the sounds around me.

  • I will drink a large cup of water instead of coffee in that afternoon snoozy time.

  • I will find someone to be kind to each day.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast – prepare it the night before if I have an early start.

  • I will go to bed 15 minutes earlier and read a book each night without looking at my phone.

  • Write a post it note & stick it on my computer to remind myself to keep an open mind.

  • Take the time to reflect what went well today/ this week?

  • Reflect on what did not go so well today/ this week and consider how I could either improve on this or congratulate myself for being brave and doing my best. (Reminder I don't have to be great at everything.)

  • I will place my hand on my heart after I put on my pyjamas each night for 5 seconds, close my eyes and direct tender loving care towards myself.

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