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World Gratitude Day

Today is World Gratitude Day.

What are you grateful for today?

Anxiety can make us tired and fatigued. It can feel like our heads are so full of anxious thoughts there is no room for gratitude. When we are struggling with anxiety, it can be tricky to feel gratitude. However, research shows gratitude is a fabulous coping strategy that really helps with anxiety. Gratitude helps us to move from noticing what is wrong to what is right.

Gratitude is the opposite of fear.

Our amygdala (or 'Ami' in the cartoon below) keeps us safe every day.

The amygdala, a section of our brain is like our very own guard dog.

He is always watching out for things that might hurt us and trying to keep us safe. Sometimes he works too hard, that's when the symptoms of anxiety interfere with our day to day feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

Living Heart Centred means choosing love and compassion as the guiding principles of our lives. Choosing to be compassionate with ourselves takes practice however in return it helps us live a much more fulfilling and peaceful life.

I have experienced times where anxiety has left me breathless and I have also experienced times where my amygdala has saved me from harm. My journey with mindful self-compassion has helped my amygdala learn how to slow down, feel safe and relax.