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In order to thrive in life, we need to be able to navigate the periods of rain, and the storms and the potholes it will inevitably bring with compassion. To begin to navigate the journey of compassion we must start where we are, with ourselves.

Self-compassion requires an honest and open connection with our own vulnerability.

The rain is clearing now in Sydney where I am but the sweet smell of the air around me and the earth freshly watered reminds me to stop and take care of myself.

The RAIN reminds me to notice what is happening in my internal world today as I prepare for this week.

I allow the feelings; thoughts and sensations and I gently welcome them. I am after all human, and I was designed and created to experience all the things I am feeling/ thinking/noticing.

As I investigate the thoughts and feelings with kindness, I again remind myself these are all normal feelings and thoughts, I will be OK. I plan and schedule my priorities allowing for mess-ups and failures, potholes, and puddles.