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A Spring Ritual

A siple drawing of three yellow flowers in a vase on white paper surrounded by candles, small petals and flowers

Overall, Spring is a joyful time. Everything is coming alive. Nature is waking up & being reborn.

You might feel like a smilar thing is happening within you as the weather warms. Spring represents a new beggining, kind of like the radiant light of dawn after the chilly long night of winter.

Usually this time of year its easy to feel bright, new ideas seem to just flow. Spirits are often high, people speak about feeling a sense of renewed hope, a fresh, and vibrant energy.

With new growth blossoming all around us and the sweet fragrance of budding flowers in the air, it’s the perfect time to practice a simple spring ritual. This is something you can do with the kids, making this a lovely exercise for the whole family.

We have all experienced a hibernation of sorts with the pandemic and the accompanied range of emotions and stress. Perhaps this simple ritual might help to bring a lighter step and a chance to connect back in with a more grounded sense of youreslf this coming week.