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Compassion and Motherhood

Do you remember those days of growing and nurturing your belly babe?

You were careful not to drink, took your folate and looked after yourself because you knew this precious little being was growing inside you.

Then those early newborn days caring for this new little soul.

You made sure they were warm and fed, loved and comfortable. You took care of all their needs and you tenderly and lovingly ensured there needs and wants were all met.

You were kind and compassionate, so tender and in awe of this amazing little being you had grown and made.

They grew and babyhood turned into toddlerhood and you still nurtured and cared for them, tenderly managing new and expanding boundaries whilst providing an abundance of love and support.

Toddlerhood becomes childhood and before you know it tweens and teens emerge before our eyes.

No matter the stage or age our children are in we watch out for them, we love and nurture them, providing loving boundaries, care, and support.

Imagine if you provided that same amount of care and support to yourself still?

Imagine if you looked at yourself with that same compassionate lens, noting how you had grown and nurtured a whole human being!

Will your children learn to practice self-care and self-love from watching your examples?

Will they have learned from you that mistakes are Ok, that self compassion is as important as drinking water and that taking time out for mental wellbeing is just as important as eating the greens on their plate.

Mental health and emotional wellbeing are just as important as physical health and wellbeing.

While you have birthed your babe physically you are still nurturing and shaping their lives by your presence.

Your heart is no longer cocooned inside safe and warm, they are now wild and free, growing and learning, making sense of the world by testing boundaries, making mistakes, testing their limits and ours!

We still need that same amount of care for ourselves to be able to give them the care, time & connection they need, to respond to them from a place of compassion, from a tank thats full, not exhausted & overwhelmed like we so often are as mums.❤️

Teach your children by prioritising your own self-care.

Love and nurture yourself.

Set healthy boundaries and practice self-compassion daily.


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