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December is a great month to evaluate my direction.

This year has been full of surprises. Many of us have had to pause in multiple areas of our lives as the pandemic overtook the world. As much of the world begins to slowly find their feet in this new normal we now live and we enter the last month of the year I am reminded that we don't need to wait till January to make changes in our lives. We can begin anytime by taking a personal inventory of sorts. Taking time regularly to evaluate our direction, self talk and intentions are also effective tools to monitor and maintain our mental health and wellbeing.

December is a great month to evaluate my direction.

In my reflection and evaluation of all that this year has taught me I am conscious of evaluating what I have learned through the lens of compassion. I notice my thoughts and sift through them with compassion.

I choose my intentions and frame my affirmations so that they accurately reflect my values, goals and dreams considering all that is present in my life right now.

Intentions are powerful. The brain regions involved in setting ‘intentions’ are connected to the regions involved when we act. As a result, firing up thos