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Encouraging your Teen

Complimenting and encouraging our kids when they are young isn't difficult.

They are small and cute and smell lovely.

When they turn into teens the game changes, especially for boys.

They become these tall, lanky shower resistant creatures that grunt and groan at us. I can smell their shoes a mile off, so those lost shoes of childhood quickly fade into a distant memory. Shoes became a biohazard that are no longer allowed to come indoors. Opening the bedroom door becomes a mad dash to open the window when they leave for school in the morning to let the sun and air in.

Can you relate?

I don’t know about you but when my boys became teens the usual compliments and encouragement didn’t seem to land.

I felt like I needed to learn a new language to connect with them. And so, I spent time hanging out, learning to play Minecraft and other games, driving them around with their friends just listening to the chatter.