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Intentional living

Living an intentional life is one of the most satisfying ways to live.

Coffee mug with coffee beans and a dream catcher in the background. The mug has a slogan on it that reads dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real.

When I live with purpose and align my actions to

help me move towards my dreams, I feel fulfilled.

Setting an intention daily, weekly, monthly or all the above helps me to stay on track. I start my morning with a clear purpose and goal and finish knowing I have done my best to live in alignement with my values.

Having an intention is just one piece of the puzzle though.

Imagine that you want to go for a picnic.

You pack the picnic hamper and fill it with your favourite foods. You pop a blanket in to sit on, sunscreen and a good book to read.

You grab your car keys and the basket and hop into the car and turn on your GPS ready to go.

And that’s all you do.

You have this intention to go for a picnic and have all that you need, and you sit there wondering why aren’t I arriving?

This is my heart’s desire but for some reason I can’t seem to get there!

You have every intention of going there but your actions say otherwise.

So, you never actually get there.

You're frustrated, dissapointed and perhaps discouraged, why does this keep happening?

Your GPS is like your intention in this metaphor. Your GPS may tell you where you need to go but unless you turn the key and put your foot on the pedal to drive, you won’t ever move past your driveway.

You need to put in the effort to get yourself there!

That action may look like writing lists and/or creating vision boards.

It might look like joining a women’s circle to nurture and support you and help you stay accountable.

Taking action might look like facing and removing those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the driveway unable to move or seek a professional to help you find positive strategies to live with the anxiety that when left unchecked can stop us from living the life we want.

Intentions alone aren’t magical things that create the life we have always wanted.

Reach out and take the next step, what ever that is for you.

Take your life to the next level by figuring out what you need to do, to have what you want, and do that.

If you face any obstacles along the way, this may be a sign that some healing and adjustment needs to happen. Do the inner healing work and keep moving your beautiful self towards your dreams by taking action.

Because my friend the truth is, intention AND action = a fulfilling life.

This is your friendly reminder that we all need a little help from time to time and support.

I am here if you would like someone to help you work through those limiting beliefs, cheer you on as you create and meet your goals or just to help you work out how to create actionable steps. I also run regular womens groups to provide support and nurturing, guidance and a safe place to land.

Drop me an email at and join my Facebook page @relaxwithrossy for inspiration, encouragement, and a supportive group of like-minded people.


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